My Inspiration

26 and Counting (Liz)

A Beautiful Mess (Elsie)

A Bigger Closet

Adored Austin (Indiana)


Already Pretty (Sally)

Alterations Needed

A Pretty Penny (Keira)

Blue Collar Catwalk

Bows and Brownies (Taylor)

Bright Side Dweller (Chelsea)

Casual Chic Kiki (Keely)

Chic on the Cheap (Lyddie)

Cute and Little

Hello Monkey Face

I'm Clothed Much (Elaine)

Kendi Everyday (Kendi)

Miss Vinyl Ahoy (Suze)

New Dress A Day (Marisa)

Rue Cerisier (Cassi)

Spoils of Wear (Jill)

The Clothed Commuter (Tiffany)

The Clothes Horse (Rebecca)

The Daily Fashionista

The Daybook (Sydney)

Waking Life (Caitlin)

Wink and a Smile