Saturday, April 21, 2012

OOTD: 1st Dress Of Spring

Outfit of the Day: 1st dress of spring!

Outfit Details:
Jewelry: Cookie Lee; Dress: BCBG, Folsom Outlets; Boots: Cathy Jean (Galleria Mall); Belt: Old Navy; Navy Cami (Love Culture); Gray Cardi (Forever 21)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shopping Excursion 2/25/12

Shopping Excursion in Folsom

bought this lovely number

Tried this paprika one sleeved dress

Loved the color and the rhinestone accents on this plum piece. Very cute.

This floor -length maxi was so beautiful in person, the colors, the assymetrical draping. Sadly this one didn't fit, I was tempted to make it fit. It was originally priced at $288 and was marked down to $39!

Threw these on together and loved the very neutral tan and soft peach. It was very girlie, with pleats, bow and lace touches.

Loved this top! It was way to flowey than I'm allowing myself these days. With my revamped fitness regimine and eating healthier, it's way too easy to flip into a flowey top.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

OOTD: BCBG Top Worn as a Skirt

Outfit details: Dress: ROSS, Skirt (worn as top) BCBG, Belt: ROSS, Shoes: BCBG, Jewelry: Cookie Lee, Headband: Dollar store

I scored this lovely red flowey pleated skirt at the Salvation Army in Roseville a few weeks back and was excited to finally incorporate it into an outfit. To be 100% honest, it is actually meant to be a strapless flowey top, but for this purpose it looked much better as a skirt. I wore it over-top of my short sleeved jersey dress from ROSS to give the look of separates. The length of the black dress provided a nice lining and extra coverage under the skirt. I wore a thin black wrap over my arms earlier in the eve as it was still quite chilly. The outfit needed to be dressy, modest and comfortable since the event was for work- a suprise birthday party for the husband of one of my bosses. I was responsible for decorations and helping coordinate the festivities at the event location so she could bring him in without him suspecting a thing. I'm happy to say that everything went as planned and boy was he suprised!

My sister was there too, since she nannies their two sweet kids. She showed up wearing the same exact color scheme as me. See, we sisters think alike.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oktoberfest By the Bay

All Aboard!!

My first train ride. My future brother-in-law-in-law, E pumps me up... and with uncertainty on my face, I say, "Let's do this!"

I didn't know you were allowed to drink on the train. Other passengers filed in after us, had cases of beer, champagne for mimosas, and byobs (bring your own beer steins). They obviously were headed to the same venue as us.

Hydrating pre-event with coconut water.

At least it was indoors!

Tokens were used to purchase everything: food, drinks, dessert, souvineers. (Each token was worth $2. And an 8oz beer was 3 tokens, 5 for a large, and 6 tokens to fill a beer stein (that is after you bought one for $10).


Outfit Details:
Sheer Leopard Top (ROSS), Black Lace Camisole (ROSS), 3/4 length sleeve "Motorcycle Jacket" Sweatshirt (ROSS '10), Jeans (Old Navy via Thrift Store), Shoes (Champion via Payless '08), Jewelry: necklaces (thrifted), bracelets/earrings (Cookie Lee), headband (Dollar Store)

Live Band!
 Loved her outfit. She by far was the best dressed!

 Lederhosen Boy

First weinerschnitzel! And here I come to learn that weinerschnitzel does not have anything to do with weiners. Not a hot dog, not a keilbasa. It was delicious. Though, sadly, after I'd eaten it, I discovered that it is breaded veal :(

My stylish sister-in-law K

Walking to dinner. Exploring the city.

On our way to dinner, passing by AT&T park.

And an important note to self- we made the right choice attending the Saturday Session 10-5pm. I fear the crowd and restroom facilities may have become a bit more wild and unmanagable had we done the saturday 6pm-midnight session. We went light on the beverages and food while there and then met with friends for dinner post event at the "Thirsty Bear".

Image Source: Link

I wish I was able to take pictures while there because the service was great and the food super yummy, but due to unforseen circumstances our group had to order our food to go so we wouldn't miss the train back. (Boy have I taken forgranted country life- my own transportation, no tolls, fees for parking, traffic whew) Although our dinner was a bit jumbled from our run to the bus stop (which was running late) to take us to the train station, the trio of mini sliders were still awesome and the salad I ordered came with edible flowers in the spring mix. It also was yummy! The hubby and I would love to go back sometime when we are not rushed and try more of the menue and order the beer sampler.

Song of the Day: Gemma Bier Trinken by DJ Ötzi

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Black and White

Photos taken courtesy of my brother, M. Thanks!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Thrifted New
Shoes: BCBG
Jewelry: Cookie Lee
Headband: Goody