Sunday, April 10, 2011

Losing My Head

Look Ma! No Head!

My in-law's dog, Smokey, makes an appearance during my photo sesh. 

For some odd reason the glare of the sun poking through the trees, caused me to lose my head. I promise to you all that I am not vampire, nor ghost, nor fae. I do not have super powers that allow me to disapear when I want.

Note: I am not bruised or battered. I sport a port-wine stain birthmark on my right upper arm.

To see 10+ ways to wear the (multi-strand/multi function beaded) Twilight Fusion necklace, please check out my blog post, Jewelry Tips & Tricks- Twilight Fusion. There's a "how-to" video!

Smokey sneaks into another picture

Try OLD NAVY Keyhole Drop Waist Top

Outfit Details:
Top: Daniel Rainn via ROSS
Tank: Arizona
Skinny Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Markkon, thirfted
Purse: Nine West, thrifted
Belt: Payless
Jewelry: Cookie Lee

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