Monday, July 4, 2011

Feelin' Patriotic

Not Your Typical Independence Day

Wishing all of my lovely followers and blogger friends a happy and safe July 4th! Hope your day is wonderful.

The hubby and I spent our day on a hilltop with friends and their family overlooking the lake, sippin' our cheap beers, tossin' horseshoes, shootin' clay pigeons, and BBQ-ing to the sound of country music and all before sundown. Did I mention the 3 redneck jacuzzis aka "hick-cuzzis" ? In all, it was and evening of good friends and good food and a spectacular fireworks show.
Shootin' Clay Pigeons Until Sunset

Sunset Over the Lake

Moon Rise Over the Lake

Hick-cuzzi: A truck bed lined with a tarp and filled with water to the brim. Like a jacuzzi but one Jeff Foxworthy might rig up. 

She's Country

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