Friday, May 13, 2011

Circle Circle Dot Dot...

...I got my cootie shot.

 Here's my outfit of the day. Sadly was down so I am posting this now.

"Does my hair look okay?"

I'm not exactly sure what look I was going for today: kindergarden teacher or 50's housewife, but I liked it. The weather today allowed for short sleeves and bare legs- plus it was comfortable and office appropriate. I just wish the dress was a few inches shorter so it wouldn't peek out from beneath the skirt.

 Leg popped, now all I need is an apron.
White eyelets


Real blood cells

Blood Cells?
Funniest thing happened... our nurse practitioner ran into me in the hall today and stopped to inspect the print of my dress. "Mygosh, Mandy those look like blood cells, are they?" I didn't plan that, but I smile and wonder if the former owner of my dress was a nurse and had bought this garmet soley because of the print's likeness to a blood cell. Could it be? But how appropriate the print, with me working in a medical office.

"Here KittyKitty"...

What do you think? Does this look too blood cell like? Should I keep it and continue to rock it? or donate it back to the thrift store?
Dress: Vintage white and red, (Thrifted, $3)
Skirt: White Eyelets, (JCPenney, $6)
Belt: (Thrifted, $0.25)
Shoes: AE by (Payless)
Necklace: Cookie Lee Jewelry by me
Earrings: Cookie Lee Jewelry by me
Bracelets: Cookie Lee Jewelry by me


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