Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gleefully Yours

Ok guys I think I'm officially a "Gleek". I watched nearly the whole first season of Glee yesterday while at home sick in bed... and love it! The songs, the dancing, the costumes, the drama of it all. I'll admit, up until now, I have only caught one episode and wasn't thoroughly excited about it. But I wanted to give it a fair chance to catch me from the first season, and it has.

Emma's character dresses so cute. Her styles are very fun and feminine which is very "IN" this spring. Ruffles, flowers, bows, cute cardi's, bright colors, great accessories, from the jewelry to the shoes. This girl can rock a sweater guard and make it look trendy and not so "Golden Girls".


Super Cute Sweater Guard

Love how this black and white dress was punched up by the turquoise cardi.

Any other Gleeks out there? Who has the best wardrobe on the show in your opinion? I'm anxious to hear :)

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