Friday, September 16, 2011

Mandy from A-Z

A. Age: 27

B. Bed Size: Queen

C. Chore I Hate: Putting away laundry. Because it's never ending. I'd prefer to scrub the toilet or scoop the litter box over that any day.

D. Dogs: I'd love to have a dog someday, but right now in our current living situation it wouldn't be practical. I've grown up around dogs. When I was 2 my mom's great danes Candy and Shiba were my personal ponies (seriously I thought they were ponies), later age 5 my mom's Cocker Spaniels- Snuggles and Baby were my best friends. One summer, when I was 7, my grandmother's mutt Sam saved me from a rattlesnake. My husband promises me that when we finish building our house, he'd gladly get a dog. I have had my heart set on a beagle or lab, or weimereiner, but really any dog from the animal shelter would make us happy.

E: Essential start to your day: I'm usually on the run, so always a handy piece of fruit (banana with peanut butter) or oatmeal, or waffles with greek yogurt spread on top (my brother got me hooked on this when he was a kid).

F. Favorite Color: Hot Pink, Aqua and Coral (these colors always make me happy)

G. Gold or Silver: Gosh I have to pick? I'm a jewelry consultant- I wear both! Although I tend to wear more silver than gold, what matters most is that it compliments my outfit. I love silver with blues and grays and black, and golds with browns, maroons, white, corals and pinks.

H. Height: 5' 1/2" although I believe my license shows something around 5'2" This girl IS vertically challenged.

I. Instruments: Does the phone count? I can play "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on the key pad. In elementary school my girlfriend Karmy and I would leave just "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on each other's answering machines to let the other know we called. No words no names, just 3, 2, 1, 2, 333, 222, 336...  haha. I bet you're trying this right now as we speak, aren't you? Ha! Caught ya!

J. Job Title: my 9-5 is medical office scheduler, but I also answer to Cookie Lee Jewelry Stylist, vintage jewelry re-designer, part-time blogger, full time wife, sister, daughter, someday boutique owner

K. Kids: None yet and none on the way. But hopefully once our home is complete and life is back to normal we hope to start. First we will have a puppy... and then within the next year (after my 10 yr high school reunion) we'll hope to work on that :)

L. Live- Northern California

M. Mother's Name: Norma.

N. Nicknames: Manda, Mandalin, Mandor, Mandy Pandy, Mandy-Moo, Manny (my friend's 2 yr old calls
me that- it's freakin adorable), Handy Mandy (this began with my wonderfully "handiness" around the office and then one of my bosses kids named me that after the cartoon character)
O. Overnight Hospital Stays: Last year I went in for an emergency appendectomy. Thankfully working as the receptionist for my own doctor has it's advantages. We caught my weird tummy pain and fever early before it had time to burst. Which is awesome- less cleanup, shorter surgery time and less time out of work. I "came to" after surgery one of the nurses held up a picture of my appendix for my unaided eyes to see, and I said "looks like chicken", and "Can I keep it?". Now I have 2 small scars on my tummy and that's it.

P. Pet Peeves: Talking with food in your mouth, sayin' "ya know what I mean" (after every single sentence), putting the roll of TP on backwards or not at all, people who don't take the time to put themselves in others shoes (don't yell and demean the person making your burger)

Q. Quote From a Movie: "That lil' guy? I wouldn't worry about THAT little guy." Super Troopers

R. Right or Left Handed: This chick right here is a lefty. Yeah baby! Left hand high five to all my southpaws!

S. Siblings: One sister, and one brother- both younger. Fun fact: we all have names that start with M. Coincidence?

T. Time you wake up: between 6:15 and 6:45. It all depends on if I hit snooze the max 6 times or not :)

U. Underwear: What are you eating under there? Under where? You're eating underwear-Gross!? Yes, I have underwear and I wear it. All shapes, styles, fabrics and colors. Undergarments are very important. Not only do they provide a comfortable and hopefully breathable layer between yourself and your clothing but they can provide support, enhance shape/contour.

V.Vegetable You Hate: I try not to discriminate, and I certainly won't turn my nose up at a veggie just because I haven't given it fair chance. I love veggies. But when it comes to olives or peas*gag*. I mean if it's laced throughout my meal I'll eat it. It it's on top or loose I'll eat around it or pick it off. I just don't like the flavor. The green, the black, even Kalamatas. And what's most crazy is I loved them as a child, and could be found frequently wearing black olives as fingertips and then devouring them one by one.

W. What makes you run late: Hitting the "dismiss" instead of the snooze button on my phone. My kitty darting out the door between my feet when my hands are full. Last year I came out to scrape ice off my windshield and got in the car to realize I had ice on the INSIDE of my windsheild as well.

X. Xray's You've Had: Maxiofacial for braces, folded tailbone (word of the wise- never attempt to crawl into the top of an empty water heater box in order to scare your little sister- ouch!)

Y. Yummy Food That You Cook: I'm not much of a cook. I'm more of a baker, but I've hoped to work on that for sake of my husband and our future children. Do check out the Basil and Penne Pasta Recipe though- it's delish!

Z. Zoo Animal: Zebra, Panda and Kangaroo

Tell me a little about yourself!  And if you decided to join in, link back to my blog so I can find you and read about your A-Zs! Questions inspired by the get to know me A-Z list from Liz of

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