Tuesday, September 6, 2011



I'm wearing white after Labor Day. Yep, I've done it, so what's it to ya : ) And it brings up a very good question- How and when was it decided that it was a fashion faux pas to wear white after labor day.
Time Magazine's "Why Shouldn't We Wear White After Labor Day" article asks that very question.

Shouldn't the same apply to no red after Christmas, no pastels after Easter, and no green after St Patrick's Day? Well, either way, I love this top! I bought it over 3 years ago on my honeymoon in Hawaii, and it's been sitting in the back of my closet until now. I threw together a few accessories and tada!

Outfit Details:
Print Top- Bought in Oahu, White Capris, Belt- Payless, Shoes- Payless, Bracelets and Silver Pendant- Cookie Lee, Green Beaded Necklace- Vintage, Handbag- Guess

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