Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feeling Nauti-cal

I'm on a Boat! No, not really, but I should be. All I'm missing is my "nautical theme pashmina afghan".

Today is Blazer Day over at Everybody, Everywear , and I'm participating. This awesome navy blue blazer, striped shirt and red skinny belt was found during our last thrifting trip. I'm marking my calendar since I just discovered our 2 local thriftstores hold a 50% off sale the first weekend of every month. Yay! The picture above is my attempt at not smiling. C'mon guys, this is my serious face. :oP


I'm super proud of myself today. I reached into my closet and created a super cute outfit with something that I just thrifted. The amazing part is that it all came together, quite easily. Now I don't know much about vintage dress suits or ( vintage clothes for that matter)... so if anyone out there has any idea if the blazer really is vintage, let me know. All I could find online about the company points to maybe 40's/50's through the early 90's. It's in great shape, no real discoloration of the tag. I did find a "game of life- $50 bill in the pocket"  dated 1976... so maybe?

Blazer: Tailored by Handmacher-Vintage? (thrifted) $2.00
Shirt: Lands End (thrifted) $1.00
Belt: Liz Claiborne (thrifted) $0.25
Jeans: Old Navy Clearance (2010)
Shoes: Payless (Fall '09)
Jewelry: Leaf Pendant (local artist)
Jewelry: Gold Links Necklace (Vintage Cookie Lee)

To contact please email me at: bejeweledbabe@gmail.com


  1. Your outfit is cute. I love the red belt. I have to tell you though, your jewelry is amazing. I love it!

    Our local thrift store does what they call a bag sale. All you can stuff in a garbage bag for 5 bucks! They only do this once every couple of months but trust me you can get a LOT of things in a bag!


  2. Nautical indeed! I like it!
    Lady, those prices are amazing. You look like you spent waaaaaayyyy more than that. Good work! (And thanks for participating in EBEW!)

    The Auspicious Life

  3. @MOMMY BLOGGER- thank you! you are my first comment and first follower ;) I love love love jewelry too. It's a huge reason I started my jewelry business with Cookie Lee- so I could get the incredible 50%off everytime I bought something. As for your thrift store deal- that's amazing. wow! I would absolutely go wild at a $5 a bag sale- matter of fact my husband would have to ban me from frequent trips! lol No doubt at all that we girls could find it a challenge to cram as much stuff into a garbage bag as possible when a sale is involved. I personally would go with those fancy stretchable Glad bags stuffed full until it nearly bursts at the seams. :)

    @Linda- Thanks so much for stopping by! I love EBEW and can't wait to participate again.

    @Daisymay- Thank you!


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