Friday, February 4, 2011

Goodbye Skinny Jeans, Hello Flares

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All I'm seeing everywhere that this season it's "All about flares" and "Platform shoes". Is it sad that I'm not even 30 yet and I feel like my mother when I say, "Wow, those were "IN" when I was in high school. I should've kept them."

It figures... I finally convince myself to purchase my first pair of skinny jeans... and they're already considered old news. I did only spend a wopping $6 at Old Navy's awesome clearance sale last weekend. After picking up and setting down and then picking up the same pair of jeggings, I gave up and brought them back to the dressing room, dragging my dear sister (and favorite fashion critic) with me. With much hesitation I imerged from the dressing room, obviously fatigued from the laborous act of getting friendly with some jeggings. I made my sister "swear to goodness" promise from my sister that these jeans in no way, shape or form made my bootious maximus unflattering, or put my muffin tops on display. Cuz' let's face it ladies, we all know that skinny jeans do not magically make you skinnier (gosh wouldn't that be nice) they just focus the attention on your 'ass'etts and your shapely gams. I thought this would be fine to encorporate into my current wardrobe, especially when I locate.... er... I mean, buy the perfect boots* to wear with them. (*Note: a majority of my shoes, boots, clothes and purses are in storage right now while we finish building our house. It's expected completion is Summer/Winter 2012)

Is it sad that I've lived long enough to see fads and styles recycle, repeat, and regurgitate at least once?

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I guess I will look at the bright side... Flares have always been a favorite of mine because of their awesome ability to camoflage and balance my hipular and thighular region. Shakira said it best, my "hips don't lie".

And I will keep those skinny jeans and jeggings and will love them no matter what- ha I will keep the style alive just a little bit longer.

Song of the Day: Hips Don't Lie by Shakira Ft. Wyclef Jean

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