Friday, February 18, 2011

Making a list and checking it twice...

Gonna find out if it's a good price. Oh Mandy's got some thrifting to do! I know I have a ton of clothes already- all of which are buried deep in storage from our big move. I believe that by the time we finish building our house, and unpack- things will definately not fit me and gasp! may even be out of style. I feel that style challenges such as those posted on Everybody,Everywear certainly get my hamster wheels a-turnin and make me excited about getting dressed in the morning. Now I'm not so afraid to be so matchy-matchy with my clothes and shoes, thanks to...  Kileen and her color brigade and Sally @ . It's so refreshing to see their use of vibrant colors. Sally has some great tips and ideas for incorporating color into your outfit with shoes.

I got these babies for $5 clearance at Target about 3 yrs ago. They have been worn maybe twice- simply because I didn't know what to wear them with for the longest time. I intend to show them some love.

Round Toe Pumps: Target (Already In My Closet)
Below are a few items I'm dreaming about. Patterns and textures and color mixing and repurposing.
Bright Colorful Shoes/Sandals
Sally @ Always Pretty
Nude Shoes
Steve Madden Shoes, Haylow Sandals
Haylow Sandal- Steve Madden
Leopard Print
Paris Hilton Shoes, Keysha Pumps
Keysha Pumps-Paris Hilton
(I love the hint of print on these)

Button Up Shirt Dress
Sally @ Always Pretty
Bright Colored Skirt

Floral Top/Floral Cardigan

Fang Lace Floral Top
Floral Top Fang @ Kohl's
I like these 2 prints. Not so much a fan of the drop-waist however, but it's nothing that a bold belt couldn't hide. 

IZ Byer California Floral Top
Floral Top- Byer California @ Kohl's
  Floral Dress

Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Love this dress!

Brown Boots

Womens American EagleTevin Western Boot
Tevin Western Boot- AE by Payless

More Ballet Flats (you can never have too many flats)
Womens American EagleGingham Audrey Knot Ballet Flat
Gingham Audrey Flat- AE by Payless
Womens zoe&zacOrchard Flat
Orchard Flat- Zoe&Zack by Payless
Womens American EagleFeebe Bow Flat
Feebe Bow Flat- AE by Payless

Wedge Sandals

Plaid Pants/Skirt
Plaid Skirt Forever 21

Super Long Skinny Belt
As seen on Molly @ Leaving the House in This

Kimono-Type Wrap Obi Belt
Sally @ Always Pretty
Patterned Tights
Womens Minicci(1 pk) Fancy Argyle Tights
Argyle Tights by Payless
Bright Tights
Womens Minicci(1 pk) Microfiber Tights
Tights by Payless
Cuffed Shorts

Just for kicks this is an outfit I threw together. I hope to wear it once I'm feeling well again.
I'm loving this new statement necklace from Cookie Lee's Spring Collection. What do you think?


  1. I need to make a list. Those yellow shows are so cute too!

  2. These shoes are such a great neutral... You'll have no problem pairing them with any number of things. Check out Jill at She has some great yellow shoes and rock them regularly.

  3. How excited was I to scroll down and see my belt??? THank you for including me! {to answer your question I found the belt at America's Thrift... probably my favorite thrifty find EVER}

    I love that floral LC dress. Hopefully It'll still be there when I finish the 30X30!!

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!


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