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I Heart You

Feb 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day to my fellow Blogger Fashionistas! How are you spending your day?

Today my hubby, Ryan and I celebrate the 4 year anniversary of our engagement. Awe... I know mushy, right?

 This year we decided on going out a night early, which as an after-thought we pride ourselves on doing. (No reservations needed, no wait to be seated, no trouble finding parking, no couples being mushy mushy and ruining our appetites over dinner *gag* haha j/k). We went to our absolute fave local Mexican Restaurant, Maria's, which with our luck when we got there, they announced they were honoring their Vday Special For Two a day early. It included two entree's, two cocktails, salads, and a desert to share for $39! That sounded much more yummy than getting our usual (which would come sans drink/salad/desert) and plus it was about $20 cheaper.

Nom nom nom nom: Mocha Ice Cream & Fudge

Feeling Glam
Dress: ROSS
Jewelry: Cookie Lee
Makeup: BareEssentials
Our server Audrey, complimented me on my Cookie Lee Jewelry and asked for a card and catalog, to place an order. I love that my jewelry has the ability to sell itself. :)

And now for the story about us... Please note ahead of time that I have no intention of offending. I will let ya know that I have a sense of humor and hope that my blog sisters will understand my reason for sharing the events of that joyous day.

~*How He Proposed*~

Like many girls.. I grew up dreaming about my prince charming, and what it would be like when he asked me to marry him. You hope for something romantic, memorable, and yes-- creative. I got all of these in one. To be perfectly honest it's not really a story our future children will want to hear when they ask how we got engaged. This is not your typical proposal... nor will you find us reinacting it on TLC's "Proposal Story."

Now, I'm sure some of you have seen or at least heard of the infamous "Special Christmas Box" SNL skit performed by Justin Timberlake. Ryan joked that it was an inspiration and since Valentine's was coming up in the next few months... he thought he'd give me one. And that's the last time I thought anything about it.

Little did I know that the little Christmas Package was making a big Valentine's comeback.  He certainly had me fooled by proposing to me on THE most expected day of the year.
While waiting for our movie to start we sat in the car parking lot, talking and sipping wine- I know, classy. He checked his watch, and said, "Ooh I almost forgot there's more. So he got out of the car and went around to the trunk (fiddled around back there for a minute- and now I can only imagine how suspicious he may have looked to our parking lot neighbors- since he was attaching his creation to himself haha). He then came around to my door with a relatively good sized box wrapped in pink metallic paper with a big bow. Of course I'm suprised by this because I don't expect anything- besides a nice dinner and maybe a movie. *Hey, I was fine with just renting one)...

So he opened my car door and said, "Happy Valentine's" with the box in front of him. Then he looked at me and smiled, then let go of the package, while the package itself remained waist level- *yes no hands*.

One: cut a hole in the box*

I immediately burst out laughing... as the box is suspended from his belt... and my only thought was "omg- he did not just do this" :). I opened the box thinking maybe there was chocolate inside or something practical (Ryan is always Mr. Practical) but instead found an engagement ring in the center... he got down on one knee, both of us still laughing, me with tears streaming out of my eyes... and he asked me to marry him. I could barely get a "yes" out because I still found the whole scene to be histerical... I was suprised and impressed.

*Disclaimer: no boxes were hurt during the making of this post

My late grandmother, Gran, once told me that a sense of humor is very important in a relationship. I know that if she were here with us, she'd be laughing right along with us on this one. She most of all, would have been verrrrry proud of Ryan for his creativity. And truely I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

 Song of the day: Happy Valentine's Day by Outkast

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